2022: Wrapped

Welcome to the fifth edition of Year in Review. 2022 wrapped in a story.

2022: Wrapped
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2022 is probably one of the most happening years of my life yet. 2021 was terrible, so terrible that I didn't even write a 2021 Year in Review post. But I'll sum up 2021 as well in this post.


In December 2021, I got promoted to Senior Software Engineer at Vested, which was the only good thing that happened in 2021. This year was incredible as I got to work on some of the most challenging projects and learned-unlearned lots of things. Hard work often comes with rewards. As a reward, I got promoted to Engineering Manager in December 2022. I am excited about it because this role comes with many responsibilities, and people management is new to me.


This year was good, if not great in terms of travelling. I went on two weeklong trips and a few weekend trips. In March, I spent a week in Goa which was just spectacular. I met a few people there. Then in September, I spent a week in Munnar, Kerala. The beauty of the tea plantation amidst hills with a cover of clouds was magnificent, and I trekked amidst the tea plantation, which was a fantastic experience altogether.

Bought First Car

I bought my first car this year—however, a second-hand car. There are a couple of reasons why I did not go for a new car. First was that I did not know how to drive. So buying a new car and scratching it in a few days would give me a big heartache. The second is that I found a sweet deal. It took me around 14 days to learn driving and drive comfortably in city traffic.

Living Independently

This year I moved to Jaipur, which is a tier-2 city. I initially thought of moving to Bangalore but finding a decent apartment was a nightmare, as I heard from a couple of folks. Jaipur is near my hometown, and being a tier-2 city, it's relatively inexpensive compared to Bangalore or Gurgaon. So I rented an apartment at a decent location and currently living all by myself. Living alone has been on my bucket list for some time and has been a great experience so far. I will write a separate post on my experience of living alone. Also, I mentioned in the 2020 Year in Review that I have learned some cooking and I loved it. Fast forward two years, and I cook my food, which has unlocked another level of independence.

Focus on Fitness

I have been a bit overweight for the last couple of years. This December, I finally took the initiative to hit the gym regularly. I am positive I will not give up before getting a lean body this time.

That's it, folks. Happy New Year.

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