Published on Feb 24, 2017

Snapchat on WhatsApp. Good or Bad?

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Today (Feb 24, 2017) people woke up with a major update on WhatsApp. Starting today, there is no tradition WhatsApp status. Now people can share images, videos, and GIFs of their special moments with their friends and family, known as WhatsApp Status. This WhatsApp Status is similar to Snapchat Stories. Your contacts can see your story and there are some privacy options too.

Now coming to the update. The new UI sucks. Previously, they had 3 tabs for Calls, Chats and Contacts. Which made the UI much simpler. You could browse contacts, read their status, see their profile pictures. Now they don’t have that tab. Chats, which was the center tab, now has come to the left. Center tab has been replaced with status tab. Calls, which was the left tab has become the right tab. For contact browsing, You have a new green floating button in Chats tab. This makes the new UI pretty congested.

Founding team of WhatsApp said, “We wanted to keep it simple and straight. No games, No ads, No gimmicks”. That’s what made WhatsApp more successful than any other messaging app. They had the most simple UI. This new UI annoys me. Why the hell did they put Chats tab on the left side and Status tab in middle and this camera icon irritates me.

New WhatsApp UI

WhatsApp was made for messaging. It was the app which changed the experience of messaging. So they should’ve kept the app messaging oriented. Previously, Chats tab was in the middle fragment. Which makes the app messaging oriented. Why did they put Status in Middle. And this camera icon really makes the UI look annoying. Now this UI makes WhatsApp much like other social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Snapchat. Maybe they want to make an all-in-one app with Text Chat, Voice and Video Calls and Stories features. For people, obsessed with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, this update is great. Now they have one more app to waste their time in scrolling down stories feed. And now they don’t have to see anyone “Sleeping” or “At the gym” for months or years. For people, who just need messaging, this update is a disaster. I don’t know why but I am getting a feeling that now WhatsApp is going to start advertising as Featured Stories. I don’t know if this will happen or not. Or maybe they use Facebook’s algorithm of searching keywords from stories and show you relevant ads on your Instagram or Facebook account.

WhatsApp already have a huge user base. So people, who didn’t like this new update, definitely won’t leave WhatsApp because their family and friends are still using it. So it is still a win-win for WhatsApp. But change happens. This is what happened with Atari, Yahoo, and Orkut. One mistake, and it destroyed them. WhatsApp will have to restore it’s previous simple UI. A easy-to-use UI fascinates most population of the world. Having this story feature is fine but the app should look more like messaging oriented since it was the main motto of WhatsApp, “Connect people with the simplest way possible”.

Originally published on Medium By Priyansh Rastogi on February 24, 2017.

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